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This is a Community Developed Appliance based on Ubuntu 9.10(Server and Desktop).

In addition to the DB2, Apache and PHP integration.

There is also the Technology Explorer for DB2 bundled.

Steps to download it

1) Visit this link http://www.idug.org/anil-dubuntu/anil-dubuntu.html

 2) Register as an IDUG.org member

3) And choose between the Server and Desktop Appliance Enjoy!

and Share the links with your Friends and colleagues,

who want to try DB2 Web Development without the hassle of configuring individual components.

 This Appliance comes with Documentation as well.

Enjoy!!! Now Build Web Apps using DB2 Express-C as the Backend with PHP and Apache.

The best part of all,

It is completely Free :)!

Kind Regards

DB2Hitman (aka Anil Mahadev)

Dubuntu Appliance Architect