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Sure is,

  1. Ever wanted to get proactive checks done for you?
  2. Ever wanted to get the Best Practices made by the Best DB2 Experts available for your DB2 system?
  3. O/S level Checks / DB Parameter checks?
  4. Love Reports, but never wanted to build for your weekly / monthly Health Checks with the above checks directly from IBM ?

    What if a there was a tool that did all of the above for you and did I mention, The word “FREE” πŸ™‚Β  and yes its from IBM

    I thought that would bring your attention πŸ˜‰

Yes, Presenting the DB2 Health Advisory Service – Your DB2 Doctor!

A simple command that runs a set of pre-defined and common best practices tests for your DB2 System.

DB2 versions supported 9.1, 9.5 and 9.7.

OS Platforms, *NIX flavors only for the moment.

In versions 9.7.1 and above, you will find a neat utility called the db2has , aka, The DB2 Health Advisory Service.

You can try out DB2 9.7.2 directly as it comes bundled.

Download DB2 Express-C 9.7.2 here


Let’s see how the DBA Doctors should perform the Initial Diagnosis πŸ™‚

Very Simple!

  1. Login to your *NIX system and su to your db2inst1 instance user
  2. Run the following commandΒ  with the following parameters
    • -icn – Stands for your IBM Customer Number
    • -systype – A system name that you can identify on which the test will be performed
    • -email – Your e-mail address to which the diagnosis report will be sent upon diagnosis by IBM
    • -send – This is the command that sends this diagnosis check report to IBM

Now enter the following command

db2inst1@yourhost> db2has -icn “Your IBM Customer Number” -systype “Give it a name like Test, Dev or Prod” -email “Your e-mail ID” -send

Now the tool runs a series of tests and finally gives you, a nice looking report as a PDF attachment in your e-mail, sent to you from IBM DB2 Health Advisory Service, as shown below

And in my system’s case, I had an KPI given to me change the RQRIOBLK parameter for better performance as shown below.

Well, this should give a fair idea on how powerful it is.

Take DB2HAS for a spin Today!

More posts coming on other DB2 Topics soon, so keep visiting.



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