Hi All,

Wonder what I am talking about, secret sauce and all that?

Well, as many of you are aware that IBM DB2 pureScale was launched last year.

The secret sauce here I am referring to is none other than DB2 pureScale.

I have had the good fortune of reading a book on the subject sent by IBM.

The book is called DB2 pureScale Risk Free Agile Scaling by IBM Press


I am pleased to write my review on the book for my fellow DB2 readers.

The book is a very short, precise and easy to understand on the topic.

 This book is certainly gonna appeal to Technocrats out there, who believe in the blending of Business with Technology.

The book starts off with the basics of HA solutions available from IBM DB2, then slowly transitions to the basics of DB2 pureScale Architecture

Chapters from 5-7 get an indepth overview of pureScale Operations 101, that explains with visually appealing diagrams, on how to implement this powerful technology.

Chapter 7 is of keen interest as it covers the WorkLoad Balancing and Automatic Client re-route functionality.

In short, I managed to read through this wonderful book in less than a week, given the time, I need to travel and do my other official work.

Overall, A great book written by a team of talented IBMers, one of whom, I look upto, Paul Z.

Happy reading and

DB2 Rocks!!!

Stay tuned for more as I explore indepth in my blog post.