Dyamsoft’s SCM Solutions – By Anil Mahadev, Proud DynamSoft SCM Standalone user.

The leading developer of version control or source control along with source code control and bug tracking software and the ultimate Visual SourceSafe replacement or VSS replacement



– SCM Anywhere and SCM Standalone products represent the ease and flexibility of delivery high quality software to the end users, without having to have a steep learning curve. The solution, I had experience with is with SCM Standalone edition….

The key take… aways about SCM SourceAnywhere product is that you can access your SCM anywhere you want it.

We wanted to integrate SCM’s solution into our product and when we installed SCM Standalone edition when our application was closed, we discovered, post-installation, that our product, automagically detected it and we are ready to start using.

The above saved us , Time, Effort and Money.

We never had to bother about re-training our users, as the Usability was second to none.

Our Users have always appreciated the fact, that they needed something that works and was never difficult to setup.

To our amazement, we found that Integration was seamless and painless!

We all now had happy campers.


In closing, Dynamsoft’s SCM Solutions for SourceCode and Version Control commands my respect and will recommend it whole heartedly.

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