Here is a Customer Testimonial from myself towards sydneycellular’s excellent Service and delivery.

I had come to a conference to AU last week and stayed in Sydney for about 3 days. During that time, I had decided, I needed to get my iPhone repaired, but was worried, as I am in a foreign country and didn’t know, whom to approach.

Fortunately, right next to our hotel, I managed to find Sydney Cellular Repairs, and I went in told them about my iPhone’s problem.

The were very knowledgeable and meticulous in their responses.

They gave my iPhone its life back.

All I can say is Thank You x ∞ πŸ™‚ – The team specially to thank are

Rebecca, whom I spoke to first. Then I came in the morning, and spoke to John, who promptly took my iPhone and had all my details entered and I e-mailed SydneyCellular from time to time during that day.

I had also mentioned as a special request, that I would be flying the same day.

They kept that in mind and repaired my phone before that time.

That speaks volumes when you talk about Customer Service.

And finally Raj, who did do the repair. Thanks Raj!

The team at Sydney Cellular Repairs are really customer focused and understand what the customer’s problem and needs are.

I would highly recommend them to anyone.


Anil Mahadev