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Webinar:  Introducting Query Capture Replay


IBM’s recently announced InfoSphere Optim Query Capture Replay (QCR) captures production workloads and replays them in nonproduction environments to reproduce realistic activity complete with change impact reports.  These reports help you identify and correct problems before the changes are deployed in production.
Join DB2 Gold Consultant Frank C. Fillmore, Jr., for an introduction to QCR and learn how your organization can use QCR to assess the impact of application and infrastructure changes in advance by providing the ability to test with actual production workloads.
QCR can be used to efficiently manage lifecycle events such as changes in hardware, workloads, databases or applications without production impact.  QCR can be used to test SQL performance, and compliments your existing regression, functional and performance testing methods with a deeper analysis of impacts to the data layer.
Date and Time:  Tuesday, October, 16th, from 11-12pm EDT
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