Dubuntu Server V4

Dubuntu Server Appliance V4  – DB2 on Ubuntu = Apache + DB2 Express-C 9.7.2 + PHP + Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

An All-In-One Ready to use DB2 Express-C Web Development Appliance

Features & Benefits

It’s FREE!!

No Need to Configure anything, Just login and start using the appliance. It comes with pre-installed and configured DB2 Express-C, a Free Database Solution from IBM. Apache 2 + PHP + PHP support for DB2 Web Development.

Also users can also monitor their appliance using the Technology Explorer for DB2, an open source Web console system, that monitors your DB2 instance.

Save Time and Start Developing on the DB2 Platform for your next Web Project.

It also comes with Free Documentation, to help you get started right away.


Change Log V4

– In version v4, we have added The Technology Explorer for DB2, a performance monitoring tool that can be accessed via any web browser
Note: The Technology Explorer works fine with only Chrome, Firefox browsers other than IE

– We have installed Webmin – An intuitive Linux Web based Console, that can be used to manage and administer your Dubuntu Server appliance with ease

– We have installed Dynamic DNS – DynDNS, so that you may wish to login to this appliance no matter where you are located around the world. You would just need to port forward your Dubuntu’s Server internal IP in your list of Virtual hosts, of your router

Note:  For dynamic DNS setup, you will need to have a DynDNS account in order to use it.
You will then have to configure your login name and password located in /etc/ddclient.conf  file

– Finally, a robust and optimized VM with all the binaries and downloaded files being deleted to ensure that the appliance is slim and can be deployed anywhere across the Enterprise + An easy to navigate Web Based Interface



After 3 Recycles – Dubuntu is now in Version 4. I am very happy to be sharing it with you all.

Download it @ Here

Username: dubuntu and Password: db2rocks

Please download the documentation below

Dubuntu Server Documentation

Note: Please download the following OVF, VMX and supporting VM files to ensure smooth deployment to an ESXi Server (VSphere 4.1)

Dubuntu Server V4_OVF_Supporting_Files.rar


5 thoughts on “Dubuntu Server V4”

  1. Why is it a .OVF package? I cannot load it in Vmware Player.
    I had to convert it after downloading the ovftool etc…

    After that I had no networking available in the Dubuntu-guest
    As there is no root access I cannot fix it ….

    It’s a pity!

    • Anil Mahadev said:


      That’s because, I prefer to package it that way. And also fyi.. I have provided the respective OVF files for enabling migration to an ESX Server.

      You can enable root access by issuing sudo su and then type passwd root
      and enter a root password.


  2. Hi,

    alreasdy tried that – unfortunately that does not work:

    sudo su
    db2inst1 is not in the sudoers file

    I get that for all db2-users.

  3. Hi,

    with a rescue-cd I managed to add db2inst1 in the sudo-group
    After that I got root access and was able to configure the network.
    It works now – very nice,

    • Anil Mahadev said:

      Hi Herman,

      I am glad it worked out.

      However plz note, I had already provided a username: dubuntu , which was part of the sudoers list.

      Enjoy The Dubuntu Experience.



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