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Embarcadero’s tools have been nominated for the SQL Server Community Choice Awards.

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My iPhone Life Saver – Sydney Cellular Repairs(CBD)

Here is a Customer Testimonial from myself towards sydneycellular’s excellent Service and delivery.

I had come to a conference to AU last week and stayed in Sydney for about 3 days. During that time, I had decided, I needed to get my iPhone repaired, but was worried, as I am in a foreign country and didn’t know, whom to approach.

Fortunately, right next to our hotel, I managed to find Sydney Cellular Repairs, and I went in told them about my iPhone’s problem.

The were very knowledgeable and meticulous in their responses.

They gave my iPhone its life back.

All I can say is Thank You x ∞ 🙂 – The team specially to thank are

Rebecca, whom I spoke to first. Then I came in the morning, and spoke to John, who promptly took my iPhone and had all my details entered and I e-mailed SydneyCellular from time to time during that day.

I had also mentioned as a special request, that I would be flying the same day.

They kept that in mind and repaired my phone before that time.

That speaks volumes when you talk about Customer Service.

And finally Raj, who did do the repair. Thanks Raj!

The team at Sydney Cellular Repairs are really customer focused and understand what the customer’s problem and needs are.

I would highly recommend them to anyone.


Anil Mahadev



The most Simplified SCM you would ever wanna use! – Dynamsoft solutions

Dyamsoft’s SCM Solutions – By Anil Mahadev, Proud DynamSoft SCM Standalone user.

The leading developer of version control or source control along with source code control and bug tracking software and the ultimate Visual SourceSafe replacement or VSS replacement



– SCM Anywhere and SCM Standalone products represent the ease and flexibility of delivery high quality software to the end users, without having to have a steep learning curve. The solution, I had experience with is with SCM Standalone edition….

The key take… aways about SCM SourceAnywhere product is that you can access your SCM anywhere you want it.

We wanted to integrate SCM’s solution into our product and when we installed SCM Standalone edition when our application was closed, we discovered, post-installation, that our product, automagically detected it and we are ready to start using.

The above saved us , Time, Effort and Money.

We never had to bother about re-training our users, as the Usability was second to none.

Our Users have always appreciated the fact, that they needed something that works and was never difficult to setup.

To our amazement, we found that Integration was seamless and painless!

We all now had happy campers.


In closing, Dynamsoft’s SCM Solutions for SourceCode and Version Control commands my respect and will recommend it whole heartedly.

To know more check out their website


DB2 pureScale – Add a secret sauce to your DB2 HA implementation

Hi All,

Wonder what I am talking about, secret sauce and all that?

Well, as many of you are aware that IBM DB2 pureScale was launched last year.

The secret sauce here I am referring to is none other than DB2 pureScale.

I have had the good fortune of reading a book on the subject sent by IBM.

The book is called DB2 pureScale Risk Free Agile Scaling by IBM Press


I am pleased to write my review on the book for my fellow DB2 readers.

The book is a very short, precise and easy to understand on the topic.

 This book is certainly gonna appeal to Technocrats out there, who believe in the blending of Business with Technology.

The book starts off with the basics of HA solutions available from IBM DB2, then slowly transitions to the basics of DB2 pureScale Architecture

Chapters from 5-7 get an indepth overview of pureScale Operations 101, that explains with visually appealing diagrams, on how to implement this powerful technology.

Chapter 7 is of keen interest as it covers the WorkLoad Balancing and Automatic Client re-route functionality.

In short, I managed to read through this wonderful book in less than a week, given the time, I need to travel and do my other official work.

Overall, A great book written by a team of talented IBMers, one of whom, I look upto, Paul Z.

Happy reading and

DB2 Rocks!!!

Stay tuned for more as I explore indepth in my blog post.


IOD India 2011 – An event to Cherish – Manage, Analyze and Govern! IOD India Rocks!!!

Information on Demand India 2011 aka IOD India 2011 – An event to Cherish – Yes indeed.

I was invited to participate in IBM’s Premier and Exclusive event of the year IOD India 2011 held at Mumbai’s Hyatt Regency.

This was indeed one of the best of breed sessions that combined Technical Sessions as well as Business Gyan for the Technical folks.

This event was attended by folks far and wide ranging from Customers, Partners and the IBM Community.

This blog will contain images from various places I could get access to.

The first one was from the Registration

Samsung i5801 Pics 173

Samsung i5801 Pics 167

Samsung i5801 Pics 168

Samsung i5801 Pics 169

Samsung i5801 Pics 171

Samsung i5801 Pics 172

The below image comprised of the Agenda for the day.

Samsung i5801 Pics 170

Next we all entered the Grand Ballroom 1 to watch the Keynote.

Samsung i5801 Pics 149

Samsung i5801 Pics 150

Audiences eagerly awaiting to Nitin’s Keynote and the commencement of IOD India 2011.

Samsung i5801 Pics 152

That’s Nitin Singhal to the extreme left getting ready.

Samsung i5801 Pics 153

Samsung i5801 Pics 154

Recognize who that is?? It’s Ms Madira Bedi, yup, the famous Cricketing Anchor whom we all have seen on the Tele, now I got to see her Live on Stage in a Technical Conference, how cool is that :)!

Samsung i5801 Pics 155

Nitin Singhal, Country Manager – Information Management Software, IBM India/SA joins Mandira on stage to commence IOD India 2011!

Samsung i5801 Pics 156

After Nitin’s keynote, we had on stage,

Martin Wildberger, VP – Development, Information Management Software, IBM Inc.

Samsung i5801 Pics 157

Martin’s talk was very interesting when he spoke about some of the great work, that IBM has been doing recently in the Smart Analytics space. He spoke about Data Baby, here is a video of what he was referring to.


This was next followed by

Sandeep Phanasgoankar – Group CTO and President, Reliance Capital

Samsung i5801 Pics 158

Sandeep’s talk was interesting to the fact that it referred to Indian scenarios on how Insurance companies today need access to the right information.

Followed by Sandeep was an even more exciting talk by Vishal Daga, Director – Netezza (An IBM Company)
on choosing the right Datawarehousing platform.

Samsung i5801 Pics 160

Samsung i5801 Pics 161

During the talk of of Vishal, A customer who uses Netezza and found the benefits for the same shares with the audience, their experiences.

Samsung i5801 Pics 162

It now the time we had all been waiting for!!!

Yes, Leander Paes had entered the room. He did share his passion for Tennis and playing for the India and inspired us all.

And we all gave him a standing ovation about his achievements.

The following are just various pictures from the talk.

Samsung i5801 Pics 163

Samsung i5801 Pics 164

Samsung i5801 Pics 165

Oh yes, I did win an Autographed Tennis Ball, signed by Leader Paes and given to me by Mandira Bedi.

After that we all broke for Lunch.

After lunch we resumed to enter the Realm of deep dive technical sessions.

The first one for the afternoon was from Serge, from IBM Toronto Labs.

The DB2 9.7 Oracle Compatibility session.

Samsung i5801 Pics 166

Finally, it was time for me to attend the Expo booth at IOD India 2011.

Since I being the President of the DB2 India User Group, thought to visit the Community booth first and then the vendor booths.

Samsung i5801 Pics 176

Overall, my experience has been simply “Scintillating”

Kudos to the IBM team that organized this awesome event.

We shall look forward to many more and in more cities going forward.

Thank You IBM and wishing the event more success in the years to come.

This is DB2Hitman signing off from IOD India 2011.

See you in IOD India 2012!!

At IOD India 2011, Mumbai, Hyatt Regency


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Hi All,

For any Database/ IM professional, IOD is the place to be.

I am currently at the IOD India 2011 in Mumbai, Hyatt Regency.

Kick started by Mandira Bedi and in turn introduced Nitin Singhal, finally introducing Martin from IBM Canada.

The key aspect is Manage, Analyze and Govern.

More to come in future posts.

Stay Tuned!

IM Rocks @ IOD
DB2 Rocks!! @ IOD

Interesting discussions on Compliance, Master Data Management etc.

Launching Dubuntu Server V3

My Fellow DB2 Fans –

I thought, after having a hectic 2010, its time to do something for the community.

After the success of Dubuntu Version 1 , I jumped a release and added DB2 Express-C 9.7.2 with db2has and PHP automated script, that will allow you all to build robust DB2 Powered PHP Web Applications.

So, After 2 Recycles – Dubuntu is now in Version 3. Unlike Version 1, this release is not bloated, the original size of 4 GB has been reduced to 1.4 Gigs now :).


I am very happy to be sharing it with you all.

Download it @ Here

Do let me know your feedback at anil dot mahadev at gmail dot com

Kind Regards

Anil Mahadev

Dubuntu Appliance Architect